AIMCo Announces Strong Returns for Clients in 2013

Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo) is pleased to report a 14.0% net rate of return on behalf of its balanced fund clients, who represent $63.2 billion of assets under management, for the year ending December 31, 2013. AIMCo's government and specialty fund clients, who represent $11.5 billion of assets under management, earned a net return of 4.0%. In aggregate, AIMCo earned a 12.5% net rate of return on assets under management of $74.7 billion, generating investment income in excess of $8.3 billion and active return of $589 million across all clients.
Public market investments, comprised of $25.5 billion in Money Market & Fixed Income and $32.0 billion in Public Equities, significantly outperformed their market benchmarks, as did Mortgages and Private Debt & Loan. Private Investments in Real Estate and Timberlands also contributed to the strong performance.
States Leo de Bever, Chief Executive Officer, "Since AIMCo was created in 2008, we have been singularly focused on achieving superior return on risk on our clients' combined assets of $75 billion.  Size gives us the economies of scale and access to investment expertise that allows us to extract above market returns on the best available terms."  Since 2008, the organization has delivered on its mandate, earning a five year annualized net return of 8.8% and approximately $3 billion in value added.
Detailed performance information will be available in AIMCo's Annual Report to be released in June 2014.

on April 24, 2014