Hyundai Auto Canada Announces New National Dealership Image Program

Hyundai Auto Canada released a rendering of the future "new look" for Hyundai dealerships that will roll-out under the company's new Global Dealership Space Identity initiative. 
New design part of a global initiative to elevate the Hyundai customer experience
 Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.  will be rolling-out a new look for its national dealer network to match the refined, sophisticated new vehicles the company will be introducing in the near future. The new Canadian facility design reflects a Global Dealership Space Identity (GDSI) initiative being introduced to all Hyundai dealerships around the world.
Most apparent in the new dealership image is the exterior colour scheme. The dominant, blue-and-white exterior colours found on current Hyundai dealerships have been replaced with a bronze-coloured roof structure. However, Hyundai's signature blue hue will remain as an accent colour throughout the interior of the dealership. The interior will also feature modern, premium furniture, customer lounges, as well as new, digital kiosks, tablets, and wheel stands that enhance and facilitate the customer shopping experience.
"The automotive industry is filled with brands that adhere to primary colours such as blue or red, and it's time for Hyundai dealerships to stand-out among the competition the same way Hyundai vehicles stand-out on the road," said Don Romano, President and CEO for Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. "Rather than abandon our history with the blue colour to pursue a new direction, that colour will be found throughout the new dealership design in strategic, highly visible customer centric areas. Instead, our goal for GDSI is to introduce a more modern, premium look to our dealerships that will elevate the perception Canadians have of our brand in the same way our Fluidic Sculpture vehicle design elevated their perception of our products."
Romano explained the new look originated in the company's home market of South Korea, but will begin appearing in Canada with Hyundai dealerships already under construction or renovation. For existing dealerships, the new look will be rolled-out progressively.
"Ultimately, every Hyundai dealership found in every country around the world will share similar design elements," said Ted Troughton, National Manager of Market Representation at Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. "There will be some variation to accommodate local climates or dealership size, but the effect as a whole will be a more sophisticated facility that really showcases the world-class Hyundai vehicles we have today and will have in the future."
In addition to the bronze-coloured roof, the interior will incorporate plants and indoor trees to bring natural, environmental elements into the showroom space. The flooring will mimic and support the perception of a natural landscape. A new, premium vehicle, showroom-within-a-showroom will support the company's higher-end vehicles, such as the Genesis sedan and Equus flagship sedan.
Hyundai Auto Canada currently has 211 dealerships across the country selling a full range of vehicles from subcompact cars to full-size premium sedans, coupes, as well as compact and mid-size SUVs.

on July 17, 2014